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10 Android Apps That Every Blogger Should Have

There are a lots of android mobiles with many great apps some of them are free or some are paid, but i will provide you the names of free apps, so you can use that apps for free and every where for blogging. Many passionate blogger are present, who use their mobile for blogging, they post on their blog via mobile and there are also some peoples who want to continue their blogging using mobile every where, this post is specially for them. In this post all bloggers will understand that how to use their mobile for blogging and what apps are needed in their android.

10 Blogging Apps for Android

Blogging Apps for Android:

First you need to cover your blog platform from the three popular.

1 - Blogger : Blogger is provided by Google and developed specially for beginner bloggers. Blogger is a free service but you need to buy a TLD domain for it to provide your blog a good name and its also better for BuySellAds and Adsense. You can also manage your blogger blogs and posts via mobile that runs android. Blogger is developed its app for android for mobile blogging.

2 - Wordpress : Wordpress is the most popular blogging platform which is specially developed for professional bloggers. There are many pro bloggers available who are working on wordpress. You can manage your wordpress blogs and post easily on your pc as well as on your android mobiles because wordpress also developed its platform app for android users. With wordpress app you can post great articles, manage post images and many more great features are available.

3 - Tumblr : Tumblr is also another good blogging platform but it is use for micro-blogging. Tumblr using for small blogs to post quotes, photos, videos, jokes etc in less time. Tumblr users can also manage their tumblr blog via android mobile by installing tumblr's android app.

4 - Pixle Express : During blogging you need to create, edit, manage images for your blog post. Images provide good look to blog post. Pixlr Express is developed for android to create, edit and manage images. You can easily rotate, resize and crop your images, correct red-eye, whiten teeth. Lots of Effects are available which you can use to make your image more attractive. Its an amazing app i also used this app.

5 - Facebook : We all know about Facebook, bloggers also use facebook to increase their fans through it. In mobile blogging, facebook is also an important app for blogger to post their and their's blog status at any time. Facebook created its android app which is now have a good and better look than before. You can manage your profile and your pages with this mobile app.

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6 - Twitter : Twitter is a good service and blogger use this more than facebook for their blog, Blogger tweet after every few mints, its main target is to redirect user to a specific link through twitter. You can also use Twitter on your android mobile.

7 - Google+ : Google+ is now another popular social media platform, where users share their thoughts, photos, videos and their working. Google+ is very usable for blogger blogs because blogger is now connected with Google+ and you can setup your blogger blog to auto post your newly post's details on Google+ and you can also enable your google+ comments in your blogger blog. Its easy to use Google+ in android.

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8 - Google Drive : For blogging you need to host your images, videos, scripts, files etc to a specific place, Google Drive is that place, you can use google drive on your pc as well as on your mobile by installing its app.

9 - Writer : Mobile blogging is not so easy during posting, Incoming notification, msgs, and running apps disturb the person. Writer is a good app, you can use writer to write with peace and without any disturbance, writer is like a heart of mobile bloggers.

10 - Evernote : Evernote is such a best app to remember any thing. People (bloggers) got ideas but soon they forget that ideas, don't tense evernote is here to help you, now you can save your ideas, take quick photos, create to-do-list, notes by using your mobile and you can also search them any where while you are in home, at work or on the go.

Hope this article will be helpfull for those who want to start mobile blogging, don't forget to post your comment. On more thing if i forgot any app that can be useful for blogger kindly post you message in comments, after view the comment i will update this post :-)

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